Hi there!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! 😀

My name is Beth Stancer I am from the UK.

I am just your average down to earth fun loving girl. I have lived in England all my life and I am currently 24 years old. I have learnt a lot growing up and even in my 20’s I am still learning.

I have gone through half of the main stages of life and being in my 20’s I have realised that I need to live my life to the full. I need to make sure I do what I want to do. I see money as no object anymore. I save like a trooper but I can still make a luxury lifestyle for myself.

My motto is “you only live once so why not”

When you get to your 20’s you are in many different stages of your life you could have a kid, be married, be single, living at home, living with your boyfriend, be engaged, still studying. I am currently living with my boyfriend (Ben) in our own house with a mortgage which we are very proud of!

We want to travel the world and live our lives to the full. We have our daily jobs of course to pay for the bills but we work around them to give ourselves a luxury life. For example our house is fully furnished and decorated and it has not even been a year yet!

Fashion and photography is my passion as I have studied it for 5 years at college and University, which is why I have started a blog to share my journey through life and interests.

My interests are-

-Travelling (hot countries mainly)

-Cocktails!(especially ones made with rum)

-Anything bridal as my dream job is to work in a bridal shop

-Dogs (especially springer spaniels because I have one)

-Home decorating



-To laugh, live and love life!

If you would like to know more about me follow me on Instagram or contact me 🙂

PS. I love working with brands. Fashion, beauty, travel etc. Just drop me a message!