Loosing Weight and Healthy Eating 

I was doing so well at the start of the year! I started the gym and started eating a lot healthier cutting out a lot of sugar and more. But since I have been on holiday last month I have lost my motivation! Oh dear! 

So I am going to start turning it around and go to the gym at least twice a week and cut out all chocolate and crisps again! I have been eating healthy but I have had chrisps and chocolates when I don’t really need to be eating it! 

If you go to the gym how do you stay motivated? 

It’s wierd because once I am at the gym I am like “this is great I feel loads better!” It’s just the part where I need to drive to the gym and get my bum there!

But I have turned my life around during this year I have been a lot healthier with what I eat and it’s all thanks to my friend Harriet and my amazing nutrition I have been taking. They have shown me that I need to look after my body.

I have a lot of shakes now when I never used to have them, I only have one sugar in my tea rather than two, (I hate the taste of too much sugar now, strange how that changes) I eat avocados now! Never used to touch them but I love them! I eat sweet potatoes now I boil them, roast them and make chips. If you havnt had them yet they are amazing I recommend you try them! I also only drink green tea too. Alot has changed and for the better! 

What else has changed drastically is my alcohol in take. I am not as young anymore where I used to go out every weekend and drink until 3 o clock in the morning! Now at the age of 24 and settling down with my boyfriend I only drink 4/5 glasses of wine a week. So I bet my body is gratful for that.

I am not the type of person to do diets because I love my food. So I eat what I want when I want but a healthier option. So I don’t deprive myself of the things I love like Pepsi I have it in moderation. To loose weight or tone up I believe you just need to pick a healthier option and drink shakes. Don’t make cheat days because you’ll gear yourself up for that day and go all out too much and eat too much rubbish.

I love how I look now but I just need to tone and get rid of my belly weight! So starting today I am getting back on it!

Beth xx

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