Look Around Take It All In

Ever really stopped and looked around you properly and taken it all in? 

The other day on a lovely sunny warm day I went for a walk because when it’s nice weather you just want to be outside. This lake is 5 minutes walk from my house which we are so lucky to have. 

Going for a nice walk really clears my head. I love to look at the clear water and watch the ripples. I love to see the flowers bloom and how green the trees are. Taking in the fresh air just makes you feel just that little bit more alive. 

These days with all these moblie phones with Internet, laptops, music and more we forget what nature sounds like. We forget to properly look at our surroundings and take in the beauty. We forget about how lucky we are and how beautiful this planet is.

I met someone today who has had a lot of tragedy in her life. I won’t go into details but I don’t know how she is still smiling but she is. She is so strong and has been though alot. It just makes you think that somtimes we take things for granted. Not on purpose but by mistake and we can’t help it. 

I know it helps when it is a beautiful day outside to feel good so make the most of that day. Don’t take things for granted. Forget the silly little arguments. Forgive that person. Be thankful and positive. 

And most of all look up and around you. Yoy may see somthing beautiful right in front of you.

Beth xx

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