So that’s April over! 

It’s the 1st of May today! So finally April is over and I say finally because I want summer to hurry up! 

To sum up April for me and to remember the memories that were made here are some of my Instagram photos from the month! 

Trying to get a toned tummy with my Arbonne chocolate protien shake. Looks just like a milkshake! I wasn’t too keen on the taste at first but no I love them! 

We had our first holiday of the year in April to Villamora in Portugal. It was a lovely holiday and would definitely go again! Ever come back from holiday and feel like you have never been? It feels so long ago sine we went! Read all about here Portugal.

Easter happened and a lot of chocolate was eaten which I wished I hadn’t eaten! This was a gift instead of an Easter egg. Procceco and procceco chocolates! I was also working a lot over easter as I work at a restaurant so no bank holidays for me! 

My boyfriend bought me some surprise flowers for our date night! My favourite flowers are roses and lily’s in any colour. We make sure we have a date night at least once a week, somtimes accidently two! But what the heck you only live once! 

Hope you all have a great bank holiday! I will be working as usual so my  ankle holiday is tomorro! 😘




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