Dominican Republic


Dreams La Romana Resort and Spa

I went to this resort in 2015 with my family for 10 nights. I wanted to blog about it as it was an amazing experience and my first ever time in Dominican Republic!

So starting from the beginning!

We had a great flight there with Thomas Cook on the Dreamliner plane! I have been on one before when I went to Disney Land when I was little. They are amazing planes and time just flies by because you have so many films that you can watch on a screen in front of you. You can to choose what you want to watch and there is a lot of choice. The staff really look after you as well with complimentary blankets.

SAM_9171  Dreamliner

When we landed we didn’t know what to expect. The airport was made out of bamboo and wood with three men playing the bongos. It was very humid aswell. It was forecast 30 degrees the whole time we were there and it was!

We made are way to the hotel by coach. There were many toll booths where people had guns in there hands patrolling the area. It just showed me that this country is not to be messed with. The roads had no life/vegetation and it looked like a very poor country. When we arrived at our hotel it was very impressive! So many buildings, plants and trees. The reception was huge and all open plan. This hotel is all inclusive as pretty much all the hotel are in Dominican.

exteriorDreams La Romana Resort and Spa 

We had two bedrooms because mum and dad shared one and me and my brother shared another. They were lovely rooms and very spacious. We were very thankful for the air con as well!

We were on the ground floor but I think the rooms higher up might have had a view of the sea and resort. But we were not in our rooms that much as its all inclusive!

SAM_9174Twin Bedroom

The resort had 5 different restaurants that you could choose from. They had an Italian, Grill, French, Asian, Sea food and World Cafe. The World Cafe was one of the best because it was a buffet of many different foods! IT was different every night and day! There was so much food to eat at this place that I gained a few stone after! There was even a hot dog stand on the beach and a burger stand. There was also a fruit boat on the beach as well!

The all inclusive drinks were from soft drinks to cocktails to wine and beer. They warn you about the coconut drinks because they are made in a way that our body is not used too. So you can’t drink too many of them otherwise you will have a funny stomach. They deliver your drinks by wait service on the beach. So you can literally sit on your subbed and they will take your order and bring your drink to you! Talk about relaxing!



The beaches are gorgeous in Dominican! Proper white sand and clear blue sea. It is definalty paradise.

We went on a boat trip on a catamiran to an Island which was beautiful. It was a gorgeous boat with not too many people on and the crew really made the trip special. Included was a lobster lunch on the beach with everyone. We spent a few hours there and then went on to snorkeling where we saw fish and star fish.


The hotel resort itself is huge! It has one main pool, a smaller pool and a swim up bar infinity pool.


A lot of weddings are taken place here as it is a beautiful complex with a lot of rooms and grounds. They have a good reputation for weddings.

There is a lot of wildlife here too mainly in the sea! This is a great place for snorkeling and a lot of people bring there own goggles with them to the resort. You can go snorkeling in the resorts beach where there are many crabs and fish to see. The beach also has pelicans come swooping down to catch the fish while your sat there sun bathing with a cocktail in hand. The resort also has there own flamingos!


I love love to go back sometime to Dominican, properly to a different resort to try out!

This place is for you if you don’t mind relaxing for 10 nights, sun bathing, being waited on and love food!


2 thoughts on “Dominican Republic

  1. Looks beautiful! I love that last picture with the starfish! That’s so cool 🙂
    Thanks for the follow by the way, I really appreciate it. I can’t wait to see what else you’ll blog about 😀


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