We came back a few days ago from Vilamoura in Portugal. It was a beautiful place. I have never been to this part of Portugal but I have been to Albufira. My boyfriend had never been to Portugal before so it was a place ticket off our list.

Vilamoura is quite a posh and upper class place with its marina with gorgeous boats.

There are loads of golf courses around Vilamoura and where we stayed in the Old Village.


The restaurants are all around the outside. They are all 5 star rated restaurants where in the day you can sit right by the water and by night sit in there glass fronted restaurant indoors. There are lots of restaurants to choose from. From Italian to fish and grill.


There are bars there too which are part of the restaurants but you can just sit there for a drink. We mainly went to a place called “The Hole in One”. It looks more like a pub but they have a outside cocktail deck that we loved just sitting there with a cocktail by the boats.


The hotel we stayed at was called “The Old Village Appartments”. It is a lovely complex that feels like your in a little village with a couple of restaurants, cafes and bars. It also had an estate agent and post box there. It has three pools with one main one and two smaller ones. The temperature was perfect 23 degrees but still warm enough to sunbathe in your bikini! Blue sky the whole time we were there! You need a jacket at night though as the temperature drops down to 12 degrees.

We booked a one bedroom apartment but when we got there we were upgraded to a two bedroom which was lovely with lots of space. But we didn’t need the other bedroom as there was only two of us but oh well. It was lovely contemporary and stylish apartment with a balcony looking towards other beautiful apartments and and small balcony from the master bedroom.


There is a beach there right next to the marina. I think it is a man made beach. It’s not the prettiest of beaches or the most glamorous. It reminds me of Skegness beach really! This place is definitely not a beach place but it is there to use if you would like. It’s all about the marina and the beautiful Vilamoura. 


There are many hotels that are near the marina. Some are very big and expensive! Especially the one you can see in most of my marina photos. It’s called Tivoli Marina Vilamoura.

We had a lovely time and would go back there for a few days again and this time of year is a great time to go!

I could do my part time online business BELUX while sat by the pool as well which was one of the best parts! Love working where ever I want when ever I want!

I will leave you with a few photos of me and Ben xxx

#portugal #lifestyle #travel #couple


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