How is my healthy toned tummy getting on! 

So I started the gym in January because I had enough of the winter weight I put on. Also apparently it was being content weight ergghh! That’s what the parents say so your like “great, fantastic so I get fat when I am happy!?!” 

So to the gym I go! 

I go at least twice a week, three times if I can. I do the running machine, sit ups, press ups and other gym moves. I also do a step class. 

To help with my healthy diet I have stopped eating so much sugar. There are no crisps or chocolate in the house at all! 

I have gone from only liking white bread to loving brown bread. From two sugars in my English tea to only drinking green tea with one sugar. From never eating avocados to eating them everyday! I have also been having Arbonne protien shakes and Arbonne fizz sticks instead of fizzy drinks. 

And it’s working! 

Of your trying to loose weight take a before photo so you can see your progress. 

This is mine-

That’s in two months! 

So next time I am going to take a photo is in July just before I go away to Italy. So I am hoping with the help of my Arbonne products, gym and healthy eating I will be slimmer than the last photo! 

Wish me luck! 



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