First blog post

Hi there!

This is my first blog post!

I used to have a blog ages ago when I studied fashion styling at University so this is familiar to me. 

I am very excited show you some great posts and to show you what I am up to every week! I hope you find it interesting and gives you some inspiration. 

I have explained who I am in the about me section so I am just going to go ahead and tell you about my week last week! 😊

It’s finally March! 

I am so glad that the mornings are getting brighter and the sun is staying out longer! My favourite season is summer but spring will do for now!

Finally it is time to start getting flowers in my garden as me and my boyfriend moved in last year in June. So we didn’t have chance to get the garden sorted and it’s a new build house, so it’s a complete blank canvas! 

We had pancake day last week! Everybody loves pancakes! This is our kitchen diner. We recently put a wall mural that you can see in the background up and it looks amazing! It’s Brooklyn Bridge in New York, so we now need to go and visit it!

Me and my boyfriend had some good news last week on Thursday so we decided to go to Zizzi restaurant. It’s our favourite pizza place of all time! The pizzas are huge! There is pasta there too but we always go for a pizza, we can’t help ourselves 😂

I went to see my mum the other night to have some food and a catch up. This is Monty my gorgeous Springer Spanial! He lives with my mum and dad but occasionally comes to visit me and my boyfriend. (I try and steal him somtimes 😜) He is 12 years old now but still acts like a puppy bouncing around when he knows he is going for a walk. If you ever say ‘walk’ to him he will expect you to take him right there and then! He loves to sit on the sofa and lean on you. Oh and he loves cuddles! 

So if your wondering who my boyfriend is this is him Ben! Love him to bits. We have been together 2 years now and it has flown by! I am hoping for that golden question this year but we shall see! 😍 

Today I had a delivery of these amazing books Beach Money by Jordan Adler and You Are Bassass by Jennifer Sincero. With my Network Marketing business personal development is key. It helps your confidence, your mind and shows you it is possible for your dream to come true. If you want more from your life or a change or want your dream life these are the best books to read. I have a lot of reasons why I am doing Network Marketing which I will talk about another day but I know one day I will achieve my dreams by doing Network Marketing! Can’t wait to read these books! 

See you later xxx


4 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Wow! Those pizzas are massive! I find it hard to finish a normal-sized one.
    Books look interesting. Perhaps when you have read them you can write a review.
    Best wishes.


  2. My dog is exactly the same! Springer spaniel, grew up with me since I was 12. He is 12 now himself but still thinks he’s a puppy and I love going to steal him from my parents house 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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